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Heb jij kennisgemaakt met O'livia in onze winkel in Hardegarijp of via onze online webwinkel? We vinden het leuk als je jouw ervaringen met ons wilt delen in dit gastenboek! Hier kun je eventueel ook een foto bij plaatsen.

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I live with my bridegroom seeing that 7 years, 2 children. We survive perfectly when it is normal. He earns right, responsible, but there is one bug.
He's against me to smoke.

Yes, so much against that virtually got divorced some times, purely for this reason, the others were not.
When we met - I smoked and told him roughly it at once. But he dolbal that I necessary to quit. I tried, threw, but broke, and unassumingly smoked on, hoping that I would soon leave. But did not have values bright and early - he recognized.

Remote life-force, tantrums and bargaining (blowjobs at essential request during the opportunity to smoke) and all that.
For the stretch of pregnancy I threw and did not smoke in place of diverse years. And now. I'm already 30 years precious, an full-grown geezer, my tranquillity, also after 30, thought all these childhood jumps in the past.
But no, I started smoking - and he again broke bad the chain.
 ThomasDrini op dinsdag 22 augustus 2017
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